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Too much work, too little time? 

Tackle your to-do list. Beat your deadlines. Delegate your writing to Melanie Lundheim for good copy fast.

Since 1998, businesses large and small have counted on me for internal, marketing, technical, instructional and digital communications support. I also optimize sites for search and work within content management systems.

Clients appreciate my clear, concise style, professional service and fast turnaround: 

“Melanie really attacks a project with all of her energy, working around the clock to keep the process moving forward.” — Mike

“I rely on Melanie to produce top-notch work with a minimum of supervision. She is a creative problem solver, an effective writer, and a valued team builder.” — Joe

She stepped inside my head and was able to succinctly express everything I was trying to say!” — Charlene

“Melanie has consistently delivered on her brand promise to write and deliver good copy fast.” — Brad

“Melanie is a highly motivated, multi-talented professional. She was readily accessible by phone and email and FASTChoosing to work with Melanie was the right choice for me and I highly recommend her. It will be the right choice for you as well.” — Carole

“Melanie is one of that rare breed of freelance professionals who delivers exactly what you ask for — on time, every time. She accepts feedback easily, makes revisions quickly and accurately, and is so easy to work with. You will want to keep her number handy when you need good copy, fast.” — Karen

“I’ve worked with Melanie on several projects. It’s true — she really does write good copy fast. She understands exactly what I need and delivers it without a fuss. I trust her completely and she has never let me down.” — Kristin

“Melanie has done a great job of capturing technical information (that at times can be dry) and putting it into a case study format that is both interesting to read and informative. She grasps technology subjects quickly and works well with a wide range of subject-area experts within our company. I would most definitely recommend her to other high-tech companies.” — Leslie