Q. Do you have a recommendation for recording voice interviews?

A. Yes. I love recording voice interviews on my Olympus WS-210S Voice Recorder. I actually use two at a time with full AAA batteries. This redundancy ensures I capture the interview in case one voice recorder stops working mid-interview.

With the speaker on, I conduct and record all of my interviews over the phone.

After the interviews, I attach one of my voice recorders to the back of my computer, where I can download the digital-voice WMA files.

Some people record voice interviews using Audacity — a free download. When I formerly used this program instead of a second digital recorder as backup, it frequently quit on me mid-interview. Not reliable enough for my needs.

To save on transcription time, whenever possible, I also type out interviewees’ responses to my questions live as they’re speaking. But it’s nice to have the digital voice recordings for back-up reference in case I didn’t capture a concept or a string of spoken words.

Good luck!

Melanie Lundheim frequently interviews subject matter experts (SMEs) to get the background information she needs to write Good Copy Fast.