Oftentimes, clients ask me to write a brief, professional biography, or “bio,” on their behalf. To write your own bio, simply replace the underlined content about Jane Smith, below, with content about you, including your current and past job titles, places of employment, responsibilities, achievements, education and optional pastimes.

Jane Smith

Jane Smith is communications director of XYZ Corporation. She began her career at the company as a traffic coordinator in 1998 and subsequently advanced through a variety of communications positions. In her current role, Jane is responsible for developing the company’s global communications strategy and overseeing its execution to ensure continued success. Prior to joining XYZ Corporation, Jane worked as a features editor for QRS News before becoming managing editor of TUV Magazine, where her team received the 123 Award for Outstanding Journalism. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Master of Business Communication from University of St. Thomas. {Optional:} In Jane’s spare time, she swims, camps and collects stamps.

To correctly list academic degrees in the bios you write, reference my “AP Style: Degrees Quick-Lookup Guide.”

Our fictional Jane Smith described above has followed a traditional career path, working in gradually advancing roles for various employers. My primarily entrepreneurial career path, and corresponding bio, follows a different pattern. Here it is for your reference, which you may alter for your own use, if you wish:

Melanie Lundheim

Melanie Lundheim is a corporate freelance writer and founder of Good Copy Fast. Since 1998, Fortune 100 and other clients have turned to her to write internal, marketing, technical and online communications, including speeches, brochures, case studies, scripts, press releases, white papers and more. Well-versed in search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and content management, Melanie also writes SEO web copy, as well as blog, guest and social media posts. Prior to branching out on her own as a freelance writer, Melanie was an ad-agency account executive before becoming lead copywriter. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from University of Wisconsin-Madison. {Optional:} In her spare time, Melanie loves to make WordPress websites, walk while listening audio books, and spend time with her husband, Andy, and their two children.


Melanie Lundheim writes bios, speeches, scripts and more for corporate executives and entrepreneurs. Contact Melanie if you’d like her to write for you, too.