Once again today my phone rang. A super long number was listed on my caller ID. When I picked it up, I could practically mouth the words I’d hear on the other end: “Hi, this is Sharon, your local Google specialist.”

Even though my phone number is listed on the Do Not Call registry, the same calls persist. The constant interruptions are so frustrating!

So after receiving the call today, I did some internet research and found out the name of the company making these calls: 29 Prime, based in Irvine, Calif. Their phone number is (949) 777-6616.

When I called 29 Prime, a polite human being answered, listened to me voice my frustration for repeatedly receiving these calls and said he would remove my phone number from their calling list.

I’m hopeful — but doubtful — this will work. We’ll see what happens.

10/28/15 update: “Sharon” called again 10/26/15, 10/27/15 and counting … Conclusion: Prime did not honor my request to remove my phone number.