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Quick Tip: Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

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Inside your mind, what do you say to yourself?

1. Write down your inner dialogue
2. Cross out all negative and false statements
3. Add goal-aligned affirmations

Remember the quote by Taneo Sands Kumalae: “Energy flows where attention goes.” Just like you look forward while driving, focus your full attention on what you want to manifest in your life. Edit out the rest.

P.S. In her radio broadcast, Leadership and Life Coach (and my step-mom) Marcia Hyatt shares Nick Nissley’s quote: “We become the stories we tell ourselves.” She asks, “Am I living out an old story or am I creating a new chapter.” Listen to the short program.

What’s your story, and how is it bringing you closer to your dream? Share at the Good Copy Fast Facebook page.

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