How to Write Web Copy that Converts

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Melanie Lundheim's Hook, Line and Sinker Method of Converting

Melanie Lundheim's Hook, Line and Sinker method of converting casual website visitors into paying customers

It’s great to be a communicator in the digital age, when we get to broadcast our messages to the world with a single mouse click. The only downside: there’s TMI (too much information) online.


As readers, we get inundated with email messages and blog posts, or easily sucked in to websites like Facebook and YouTube.


As Internet marketers, we’re even more challenged to capture and hold readers’ attention, get our messages across, and close sales.


Convert Using the Hook, Line and Sinker Method

So how do we convert casual website visitors into paying customers? Use my “Hook, Line and Sinker” method. Here’s how:


  • Hook readers with a title that grabs their attention and piques their interest, followed by a lead that manufactures need, invokes emotion, and strikes their pain points.
  • String ‘em along (Get it? The “line.”) with engaging, scanable copy that convinces readers how much your solution will benefit them.
  • End with a sinker, which is your call to action that compels readers to take your bait and act now.


Lure ‘em In

The Hook, Line, and Sinker method – to me – is more fun than actual fishing. This doesn’t say much, I suppose, since my idea of hell is having to handle slimy worms while waiting to disturb innocent fish – swatting away bloodthirsty mosquitoes all the while. But you get the idea: convincing people to purchase both challenges and gratifies!


Gear Up

So here’s my call to action for you: refer to this format and craft your pitch. Once it goes live, share your success with us at the Good Copy Fast Facebook page. Happy sales!


For more in-depth information about my Hook, Line and Sinker method, view my article, Writing for Conversion: The Hook, Line & Sinker Method at Liz Lockard’s blog.