Fast and Fearless Communication Effectiveness

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My friend “Emily” had a nightmare that one of her two-year-old twin daughters had disappeared at the mall. The next day, her nightmare came true. She was vigilantly watching her girls in a busy play area at the mall when one disappeared from her sight.

At first, Emily calmly looked for her daughter by the slide, around corners, and in tunnels. Still, no sign of her daughter. Rather than fear looking like a fool, Emily assertively yelled for help, explaining to all within earshot that her daughter was missing, what she looked like, and that the emergency was real.

About 30 adults heard Emily, who referred to her other twin for an exact description of the missing girl. Several kept their eyes on the immediate area to make sure no one left with her child while Emily searched a nearby hallway, asking everyone she came across if they had seen her child.

Someone said there was a little girl in the restroom. Sure enough, it was the missing twin, happily playing by the paper towels. Emily was more than relieved!

Whether the twin had innocently wandered off, or someone attempted to take her, we’ll never know for sure. But what ultimately saved the day was Emily’s fast and fearless communication.